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  • http://www.thisworldmatters.org/forum Karen

    I love this concept and the finished result is absolutely beautiful!

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  • Tonyespigar@hotmail.com

    Exelent alternative More pictures from projects !! What product are you using to seal the walls preventing dust come off with thw time.

  • Michael Bowen

    What is the mixture could i use the normal soil in my garden??

    • Herers Angels

      As an alternative to wasting my time reading such an inane question you might want to read the article in which they give you the actual “recipe”.

      • Sailing J

        What’s it like to have no friends? Everybody is pointing and laughing at you.

  • http://www.brodenbooks.com Learn to read

    The house in the photo looks really nice… the layered effect in the walls is pretty, I wonder where the house is located, and are the walls sealed with anything to prevent bits of sand from rubbing off? It’s such a natural look, on the order of a log cabin, but somehow more modern.