VZWraps Bring Furoshiki to the Mainstream

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VZWraps Bring Furoshiki to the Mainstream

We love furoshiki around here - the Japanese method of folding cloth for everything from wrapping presents to toting groceries. Who needs wasteful giftwrap, tape, and synthetic ribbons and bows when you can use beautiful, durable fabrics to wrap presents instead, right?

We generate 5 million tons of waste from wrapping paper during the holidays alone. That figure doesn't even account for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and other celebrations throughout the year. Reusable paper bags are better, but they are still not super durable. You can reuse them, which is great, but eventually they're landfill-bound. The point is, if more folks embraced furoshiki for wrapping presents, we'd cut back on millions of tons of waste every year. That's where VZWraps comes in.

VZWraps: Furoshiki for Everyone

One of the barriers to entry with furoshiki is that you have to learn how to do the different folds. There are lots of different furoshiki folds, depending on what you're wrapping. For folks with busy schedules, learning a whole new skill just to wrap presents might not seem worth it.

The folks at VZWraps were kind enough to send me a couple of their wraps to try out, and they're super easy to use. It took about as long to wrap two gifts as using a paper gift bag, and it was great for odd-shaped presents like an unboxed stuffed animal that wrapping paper couldn't handle.

VZWraps wrapped

VZWraps are part gift bag, part furoshiki wrap. You just place your item in the bag, tie with the sewn-on ribbon, and voila! A beautifully wrapped gift.

You might look at that ribbon and say, "Thats' just polyester!" The ribbons are polyester, but they're made from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. Yay!

VZWraps come in all manner of patterns, and my only criticism is that while they do have some bags made from GOTS-certified organic cotton, their site doesn't make it very easy to find them. Giftwrap may be wasteful, but conventional cotton is a scourge on the environment and terrible for farmers who grow it. I asked for organic bags, but after checking out the patterns on their website, it like the ones they sent are made from conventional cotton. Hopefully, they'll make it easier to choose organic bags from their shop as they grow.

Do you use furoshiki to wrap gifts? What do you think about these new fabric wraps?

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