• Apostrophe

    “The Eglu is posh modern abode for up to 4 chicken’s in your yard”

    No apostrophe on plurals, it is not needed: chickens

  • Toast

    Grammar police, WIN!

    PS: Chikenz r00l

  • Panamar3d

    Another example of rampant consumerism disguised as environmentalism. What was wrong with the old chicken coupe? (a coupe of this size would cost about $30. to build out of spare wood and …get ready… chicken wire!) How is this product even remotely environmentally friendly? The idea that we need to outfit ourselves a full range of new equipment for a “green ” lifestyle is foolish, expensive and not good for the preservation of our depleting resources.

  • beaded_bunny

    yes because a huge chunk of plastic is more environmentally friendly then some 2X4s and chicken wire

  • http://mrxfromplanetx.com MrXfromPlanetX

    Everyone makes typos. I’m probably one of the worst in the world for that. It’s unfortunate when people overlook content and nitpick at trivial issues.

  • NicChic

    The guys that came up with this product were at a convention thing that my business studies class went to, i won a simpsons dvd for asking a question yay! one away from winning an actual eglu. damn!

  • Sarah

    Euch. I see nothing green in keeping hens in those overpriced bits of plastic with barely more space than a battery hen. Those things do not offer these intelligent, active birds anywhere near enough room. I might use the “10 hen” model for a pair at a push but the four hen model is not suitable accommodation for any number of chickens.

  • http://highprofitnichesites.com/ Niche Pro

    neat product, but way too expensive and I dont get the whole green thing. I think I will build my own out of wood and wire.

  • http://thearabicstudent.blogspot.com The Arabic Student

    At $500 there have got to be better ways to contain chickens. I think there might be something to CHICKEN WIRE.