• Uncle B

    phase – shifting has been done for years at large factories with huge inductive loads, and they usually involve capacitors, and they work well!. A home-sized application of the same principles should be just as effective, but remember, it only compensates for inductive loads, like motors and transformer type applications, so don’t expect miracles! Love it, it is an application whose time has come!

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  • Berkley Hoffer

    It is totally fraudulent to claim that this item saves energy, and it will only save money when used in an industrial setting.

    Look closely at the image and you will see the words “Power Factor” printed on the unit. It corrects for what is known as “Imaginary Power”, which is the current that flows into and out of an induction motor but is not used to drive the load. Due to the timeing of this current, it draws power from the utility supply and then gives it back, at double the supply frequency, or at 120 Hertz, but this current is totally ignored by a residential power meter, which only responds to true power. If this unit is installed, the “Imaginary Power” current circulates between the motor and the power factor capacitor.

    Industrial plants are penalized monetarily by the power company for a low power factor, as it increases the size of the conductors that they have to run to the plant, but they ignore it in residences, which do not have relatively large motors.

    In short, this unit will not save you money unless the power company is penalizing you for a low power factor, which is unheard of in a residential setting.

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  • willer

    thanks, it is for inductive circuit, i will try it! but close monitor the amps using clamp meter