Etsy Find: Reusable Cloth Menstrual Pad

7 by Doug Gunzelmann


We found this hardcore green alternative on Etsy from NaturallyNatalies. For under 7 dollars you could save money and materials with a 100% cotton fabric panty liner. Ok, this is somewhat on the fringe but valid none the less. Comprised of "a core of 2 layers hemp fleece and 2 layers cotton sherpa. Hemp is 3-4 times more absorbent than cotton, so it makes for a thinner pad." This liner is reusable, natural, and effective and clips securely into place with a polyresin snap fixture. This product is thin and is capable for heavy days, as backup for tampon or cup products, or for everyday security. Sorry for all the details but we liked the find and the idea!


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  • Diharce

    It can double as a sleeping mask too!

  • Daemonia

    I prefere the Diva Cup. You only need to change it twice a day; so it’s a lot more “subtile” (you only need to rince it and then put it back), and probably less messy too. It cost less than 40$ and it’s good for more then 10 years. For sport-women, it’s also a lot more convenient than pad. But for those few women who aren’t confortable or cannot use the Diva Cup, I guess this is a good green alternative.

  • Nicki B.

    This is a very interesting alternative to traditional disposable maxipads… but then what excuse will I have to buy Ben and Jerry’s every month?

  • meg

    I’m old enough to remember re-usable sponges in the late-1980s/early-1990s. These were (are?) brilliant, clean (save that brief rinsing part), internal solutions. They went out when toxic shock was big, but then came back. Now, they’ve disappeared completely again.

    If you can find them, they’re much tidier than re-usable pads. But, OF COURSE, like tampons, you have to change them really regularly, keep them clean, etc.

    • tiff

      no there around, i think.
      Ive seen sea sponges at sites like femininewear and other alternative menstrual products sites

  • Tad Readenour

    great post here as always wroth checking like usual when i come here

  • Olive Cat

    I have used washable menstrual pads for sometime now and I’ve been using Peeweez too. They work really well and also fold uo into neat self contained little envelopes once they have been used so ther’s no need to carry extra bags. Really asbsorbent and no leaks at night.