• http://www.sparkleize.com Crystal D.

    Matt, thanks for your tip about Pay it Green. Love the blog!

    Just wanted to pass along a related article I wrote recently called “How to Stop Junk Mail”: http://www.sparkleize.com/2008/04/19/how-to-stop-junk-mail/

    Thanks again,
    Crystal D.,
    Sparkleizer and Home Organization Expert
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  • SandyC

    That’s a lot of mail!

  • http://www.magichatdevelopment.com David Dashifen Kees

    Don’t miss out on http://www.greendimes.com, too. They claim to be able to help reduce catalogs and other junk mail, too, and they pay you a $1 to do it.

  • Uncle B

    Legalize hemp (no, not that other stuff, silly) Use the fiber from the annual crops to make paper. Hemp paper is very tough, and can be recycled many times as paper. Put your bills in the recycle bin, knowing that the annual crop they are made from is recyclable many more times than wood pulp paper and takes only one year to regrow, not twenty years like wood pulp. The bill collector may get high blood pressure, but the environment will suffer less, and the seeds from the hemp crop can be eaten, turned int bio-diesel, made into damn fine paint, or even a good grade margarine!

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