Is the Senile Drunk Bagworm Sustainable?

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The eco zoo. If you take a close look at the  animals there you might be able to  get some tips to live in a more environmentally friendly way.

This is a cool little 3D flash site that features some strange little animals with some sustainable lessons to share.  Each one has a little pop-up book that tells a very short story about their sustainable ways.  There's Mrs. Angkor "Watt" an angler fish that follow people around turning lights out.  Mrs. Roo, a kangaroo who likes to think things through, with her own built in reusable shopping bag & catch phrase "I've got mine.  Thank you."  Mr. Kappa Field who keeps a saucer on his head so he doesn't need disposable plates (I keep mine in the cupboard, and that seems to work ok)... and Mr. Bag, Bagworm.  I am not exactly sure what he does that's sustainable.  In fact the only thing that I gathered from his Pop-up book is that he is crazy.  Here's his story, you tell me...


Mr. Bag, Bagworm

An evangelist of warm business attire.  He is a moth larva.  Female bagworms spend their entire lives in the tubular nest.


Now I'm getting way off topic, but come on... he's an old man?  You just said he's a larva!  This last one should read... "He's drunk and senile."  Aside from being thoroughly confused about this last one, and not understanding the point of all this, it is a cute little exercise in 3D Flash Design with some sustainable messages.  Remember, save a tree and ware a plate on your head!

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