• mikelite

    Don’t mean to be that internet troll that craps on your excitement, but we’ve seen these in every hotel we’ve stayed at in Europe and the Caribbean over the last few years. The only downside is, they all use a common credit card shape, so you can easily slide another card in there to keep the room cool while you’re away. It would be much more effective if you needed something uniquely shaped to activate the juice. Like a pinata! No one carries around a spare pinata!

    • http://glueandglitter.com Becky Striepe

       Oh cool! So I guess it’s just the U.S. that’s behind the times here. Not very surprising, unfortunately.

      I would love to see an energy-saving pinata. Please invent that and then contact me immediately with photos.

  • Tomclarke1

    Been living/traveling in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia. for the past 6 months haven’t been in a hotel room that didn’t have one installed. However, most of the one’s i’ve seen require the card key and can’t be bypassed. I tried, needed to download some files to the laptop while I was out without killing my battery. :)
    You might see something like this in a smaller mom pop eco-operation and it would be OK. But the American public would howl with outrage if they had to come back to a hot room. 
    I personally like the idea, but I think it should just apply to AC and lighting leaving an outlet live for recharging electronics would be nice.