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  • Ray

    With Mars being 99.9% C02 one would think we could just move there, but wait the high temp is -30, so much for the greenhouse gas thing.

  • http://lpetr.org/blog/ Leo Petr

    1. 99% of not very much. Mars has less gravity and retains less atmosphere.
    2. Mars gets quite a bit less sunlight. It’s almost twice as far from the Sun as we are.
    3. -30*C is actually quite close to typical Earth temperatures on the absolute Kelvin scale.

    As for this article, none of the pictures really show climate change. Desertification from overfarming isn’t climate change. Deforestation from logging isn’t climate change. They aren’t effects.

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  • tristen

    that is soo gross we’re horrible!!!

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  • http://greenupgrader.com/1970/unep-atlas-displays-the-visual-effects-of-climate-change/ imdabest

    this is dumb

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  • Zana@GreenTravelReviews

    Wow. What striking images. Truly a great way to but emphases the effects of climate change. Sad it’s affecting a region that contributes so little to CO2 emissions.