Craft Recycled: Light Bulb Hot Air Balloons

0 by Becky Striepe

craftRECYCLED logolight bulb hot air balloons

So, you've made the leap and replaced those old incandescents with efficient CFL or LED bulbs instead. High five! But now you're stuck with a pile of useless old light bulbs. Boo! What's a crafter to do?

Over at Rook No. 17, Jenn shows us how to turn those inefficient old light bulbs into super sweet hot air balloons! All you need to make your own are fabric scraps, glue, the cap from an old water bottle or sodapop, paint, and ribbon or ric rac. Depending on what you have in your stash, this project can cost as little as a dollar to make! Pretty snazzy, right?

Get the light bulb hot air balloon tutorial here!

Via: Dollar Store Crafts

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