• Alexander Lopez

    That’s why I prefer liquid soap: No need to wet my hands before scrubing, only to remove the soap.

  • http://drjagadeeshncda.blogspot.com/ Anumakonda Jagadeesh


    I used to have Soapnut as well as Shampoo Bath. Common sense tells me soap nut requires less water to remove the lather. ‘Moisturising Hand Wash’ when used is consuming more water. I am thinking of alternative method to save precious water. Soapnut powder fine powder with little perfume of choice can be packed in tins(like Talcum Powder). there has to be limited holes on the cap so that little powder is used. This way it serves twin purpose of germ killer and less water usage. I hope to succeed with this product.
    Water is the Elixir of life – Leonardo da Vinci

    Dr.A.Jagadeesh Nellore(AP)