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    Another chemical free solution to crawly critters is diatomaceous earth which consists of fossils from diatoms which are a type of algae. The fossils are so small (some diatoms are single celled organisms) that the edges are so small they are also incredibly sharp, and they slice through the exoskeletons of insects. The diatomaceous earth is 80% silica which is a descant, and pulls the moisture out of the bodies of insects through the cuts.

    Diatomaceous earth is generally safe because the fossils are so small, one warning I have read through did mention to use a dust mask because crystalline silica can pose a lung hazard, but diatomaceous earth contains a very low poercentage of crystalline silica. In fact diatomaceous earth is mixed in with feed and used as a dewormer for horses. And best of all it is now fairly readily available as it is sold for bedbug control (I know I’ve seen it at Walgreen’s locally). Just keep in mind that not all bedbug treatments are diatomaceous earth.

  • yosh hash

    mint. the weed, not the candy. chop it up and leave it at the entry points, they seem to hate it.

    also- (although this is still an experiment at this point) I draw them into a container full of sugar-laced fruit peelings, then empty it occasionally outside. It works well but i’m not sure if i might just be providing them a revolving door with free snacks. Feedback would be appreciated.

  • http://letsurvive.blogspot.in Tiv

    Camphor works very well to drive ants away. Just rub some camphor along the edges of walls and any entry points, and they’ll be gone in no time. I’ve heard turmeric also works well, but haven’t tried it.

    • http://www.reignforest.net Vizag Real Estate

      Yes, camphor and mint works really well.

  • JenB

    Any suggestions for getting ants to relocate from grassy/garden areas? No ants in the house, just in a lot of our small condo lawn, especially up by the foundation. I don’t want to kill them, ants are important! But would rather they not be right where I am digging….