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    While I’m generally up for upcycling anything anyone can, I have to say this is a waste of pop tabs. Check with your local school, generally they will have a program where they collect pop tabs and turn them in from money or equipment. You help the schools, and the tabs get recycled giving them a dual purpose as opposed to upcycling’s single purpose. Recycling aluminum only requires 5% of the energy use of mining and smelting new aluminum, so by keeping the tabs out of the recycling chain you’re requiring 20x the energy to replace them with virgin ore.

    This is one case where the Third R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) really should come before the second (or does it need to be Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Upcycle then Compost (?))

  • http://www.blugirlart.com Suzanne Meyer Pistorius

    What is more important than making craft projects, is letting the public know that they should be aware that all cans are lined with BPA, so people should choose to drink out of glass bottles instead, sure there is BPA in the lining of the lids but one’s drink is not encased in plastic toxins. As the previous commenter stated we should Reduce first.

    • 3374733687472337

      @Suzanne: You shouldn’t even have BPA in the caps on glass bottles. The caps are lined with polyethylene and the caps themselves are made of steel. AFAIK aluminum is lined to prevent it from changing the taste of the drink, but steel doesn’t have this problem and isn’t in contact with the drink anyway (the polyethylene is).

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