• Heidi Saueressig

    Why is there no mention of REPAIRING existing windows, rather than replacing? Especially for historic homes with wooden windows that have lasted for 100 – 200 years, and still have irreplaceable old glass? There are experts that are able to repair those windows, to last another century or two. That is in the long run the most cost-effective and ecologically sound solution. And no, I am not in the business, but I live within the Natl. Historic Landmark District of Madison, Indiana. Many old homes had their original 150-year-old windows replaced for the purpose of “modernisation” in the past few decades, and the “new, better” windows are already in terribleshape.

  • http://www.amext.com/ Marcus @ www.amext.com

    This info-graph actually came out after the FTC brought forth charges that certain window manufacturers were making deceptive claims about the energy efficiency and cost savings. I agree, it doesn’t say a lot but in light of the allegations in the article, it makes a certain kind of sense. Here is the link to the article: