• http://Allielarkin.com Allie

    I use a glass 1liter soda bottle as a water bottle at home and in the car. I wouldn’t want to lug one that big around all the time, but having a big water bottle reminds me to stay hydrated when I’m working, keeps me from filling the dishwasher with glasses, and keeps my dogs from trying to “share” my water with me. I would like a smaller one for travel. I hate handwashing my metal bottle.

  • http://theemspace.tumblr.com Megan

    It hasn’t come in yet, but I bought the Bamboo Bottle Co.’s bottle off of Fab just the other day. The bottle itself is glass, and the outer protective layer is bamboo. There are a couple little plastic elements to it, but it has less plastic than other glass bottles with protective covers.


  • http://without-a-map.com April in Autumn

    I usually just use my Nalgene bottle for toting around (glass is heavy!), but if I need a lot of water, instead of buying one of those plastic gallon bottles, I’ll fill one of my beer growlers.

  • http://www.myofficeisthekitchen.blogspot.com Wendy

    I use repurposed glass bottles to tote water around.

  • http://the-conscious-consumer.com Samantha RickerGoad

    I’ve been using old glass jars for water for about 4 years now. I got rid of all our glasses and we just wash & keep all our jars and use them for drinking water, beer, tea, milk, etc. I also use them for food storage instead of tupperware.

  • Amara Russell

    I Love the glass VOSS water bottles form Norway – the one liter bottle fits in any standard cup holder; the 12.6oz (375ml) bottle fits in a medium size purse. A small initial investment and excellent for reusing indefinitely…they’re unique and perfect.

  • Sophie

    I also have the Ello glass water bottle (as in your picture) and its great!  I use it all day long.  Glass is so much better than plastic or metal.  It’s easier to clean and water tastes so
    good from it!  I got the blue one from Target for way less than the others in the specialty stores.  Try it and you will love it too!

  • UnsolicitedScience

    All of my “reuse” glass jars find alternate uses in my house before I get the chance to commandeer them, so I bought a “fancy” glass water bottle with the silicone* jacket.

    I find the jacket helps me keep from leaving condensation rings everywhere and gives me a better grip on an otherwise slippery bottle when I have to pull it out of my backpack. It’s a lot easier for me to pack around on my commute (yay, public transportation!) than mason jars.
    *”In fact, reusing something is way greener than my store-bought glass bottle that’s encased for some reason in plastic.” Easy there, cowgirl; silicone rubber is a different beast than plastic! It’s friendlier to the environment and the body.