Vy & Elle Recycled Billboard Bags and Accessories

0 by Doug Gunzelmann


Large amounts of waste can come from places not typically thought of on a day to day basis. At Vy and Elle discarded vinyl from billboard advertisements were the focus for this handbag and accessory company. The printed vinyl from these obsolete billboards are repurposed into wallets, totes, handbags, computer bags, travel bags etc in a plethora of colors and 100% recycled. So far they’ve “recycled over 100 tons of billboard to date, but each year there are roughly 600,000 tons of billboards produced in the U.S. alone.”  The products have vibrant coloring stemming from the bright eye catching photographic nature of the vinyl ads from whence they came. Vy and Elle make a splendid use of colorful and durable material that is ready for use but otherwise headed for the landfill. Great interception!!!


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