Westfalia Verdier Solar Powered Hybrid Bus

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This modern hippie bus concept harnesses the power Green energy, German engineering, and  the latest technology to create a self-sufficient mobile dream machine.  The Westfalia Verdier will run on a 200 hp fuel+electric hybrid engine and it arsenal of gadgets will be powered by the roof-top solar panel when stationary.  See more images and features after the jump...



The Verdia features:

  • A system of intelligent solar panels called " SUN TRACKER ". This system makes it possible to provide electricity to the on-board accessories while the vehicle is in a stationary position. An on-board computer and a GPS (Global Positioning System) calculate the optimal position for the SUN TRACKER.
  • A pneumatic suspension, which lowers the vehicle and sets its structure on the tires for improved comfort and a better stabilization in a stationary position.
  • A multi-media computer with a wireless Internet connection is also useful where the communication technology is available...
    • Weather optimized travel plan - following the sun
    • Historical and ecological comments during the trip
    • Directory of campground
    • Interlink system that allows getting and leaving information, pictures, video and recommendations for other VERDIER's users
    • Energy consumption dashboard (Optional Child-friendly interface: Education and learning about wise energy consumption)
    • Trip diary on the website at www.verdier.ca/live-diary


  • The passenger seat is transformed mechanically into stairs, so that the second stage area can be easily reached from inside.


  • The sliding half-door on the passenger side has an integrated folding staircase, which makes the second stage area accessible from outside the vehicle.


  • A swivel cooking range makes it possible to cook outside as well as inside.


  • In the second stage area, a dividing wall with a sliding door and multiple windows is made of a thick and expandable fabric.   

It is estimated that the Verdia will set you back about $69,000, however, there is no word when this will be available for purchase.  In the mean time you can printout this picture and make your own paper model, almost as good right?

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  • David McQuaid

    I love it! This is a very cool bus!

  • http://libertyreally.blogspot.com/ J. Scott Burge

    69k? The original was popular because real people could afford it! I love old VWs and love all the cool eco gear, but if the price is really that high they can count me out.

  • http://www.greencouncilumm.org Steven T

    I love the Westfalia and Vanagon’s from the 60′s and 70′s. If they all werent such junks now a days, and I had the money to restore one, I would have. But wow, 69K. Thats unfortunate. This thing is so cool I was saying through the whole article I must have one. Then I saw the price tag…

  • http://greenupgrader.com Matt

    I have to agree with everyone here. This is definitely cool and that is why I posted it, but the price tag does make it is unrealistic for most. To be honest, even if I had the money I’d probably be inclined to get an old school one and restore it, but then again, if someone gave this bad boy to me I’d probably sell my house and start living in even greater luxury in the new Westfalia.

  • ken

    Exactly what the wife and I are looking for when I retire. (Or, more likely, just give up working) There’s plenty of luxury for the two of us, and the kids can’t come back and move in with us! LOL.

  • Uncle B

    Maybe we’ll get something like the old VW, peoples vehicles out of India, now that VW has gone the way of American marketers with the ‘Bigger is Better’ myth. God help us with our huge egos, smaller wallets, credit cards and big appetites, we have undone everything good that has come along! I drove a VW ‘Bug’ over 300,000 miles it was the greatest cat I ever had, and the greatest time of my life. I overcame the Bug’s inadequacies with personal ingenuities and we lived happily together for six years. May the next generation of Americans find such satisfaction, and at a bargain price. Maybe hard times are the good times

  • Terry Dunn

    Having a hybrid engine in this is pointless, it’s not meant for city driving, so you’re just wasting money and resources.

  • http://delaney55.wordpress.com Delaney55

    That is so cool but damn that’s a lot of money for that. I know it’s “green” but you can buy a more comfortable and larger pull trailer or something for less than that. Would be nice if it cost less.

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  • james777

    when we can buy this van aproximatif if some body know please tell me :)

  • http://www.holisticapproachtoweightloss.com Nonamae Satya

    …I hear it’s gone for good due to bad marketing and the economy. =(

    I still don’t want to believe it…so I’m researching it. If I find anything…and remember that I posted here…I’ll be sure to let you know. :)

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  • ozzythaman

    you lost me at ’200 hp’