• http://greenthumbsandmuckypaws.blogspot.com/ Angela

    Great tips Becky. I also advise everyone to switch their font color to something like 80% gray. Save 20% ink and I bet you barely notice the difference. Using the Draft printing setting instead of a higher quality setting will not only save a ton of ink but make printing a lot faster too.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=546908598 Kayleigh Garner

    I put an old A4 box next to the printer for any unwanted printouts (non-sensitive) and then would cut the sheets in half and use the office binder to make them into notebooks for people to use (I would just leave them next to the printer). I also put a smaller box next to it for people to return their unwanted binding combs back so that we can reuse them again.