Break The Momentum of Habit: 1 Min Healthy Living Guide

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I found this useful article over at Dumb Little Man dot Com "The 60 Second Guide to Healthy Living."  Truly healthy living can't be summed up in 60 seconds, but lets face it, many of us have busy lives and put of making positive changes until tomorrow is because we feel we don't have time.  This article effectively breaks it down into easy to adhere to understand steps *.  Perfect for someone who doesn't know where to start... 

0:60 Create The Possibility of Being Healthy

Understand that the only time is right now, so no excuse of 'I'll only cheat once', or 'I've been good all day, why not?', is going to be good enough. Each time you put food in your mouth, you must treat it as the most important time.


One of the hardest things to do is to break the momentum of habit, and having a simple little guide to follow is a very effective way.  Here are a few of the steps from the article...

0:45 Water -- Choose

Make a decision that the only beverage that you will allow past your lips is water. It's the original, and is still the best. Forget sodas, processed juices, coffees, teas, and alcohols -- you'll be amazed by the difference.

*(I am going to have a struggle substituting water for coffee, although I was able to stay off the wagon, or on the wagon, for 3 months once and it felt great)

0:40 Trade Inhaling For Chewing

Often times we're in such a hurry to feel satiated and go about our daily business that we forget that food is supposed to give pleasure. By taking the time to chew, we can love food and have it processed into easily digestible tiny bits at the same time.

0:25 Eat Often

Hand-in-hand with not overeating is eating often. Having small meals 5-6 times a day that you might think of as snacks instead of meals. It will help you stay slim and keep you alert after your meals instead of lethargic (the tiredness after a big meal).

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