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    Thanks for calling us out Justin, normally we try to provide more links. I would like to point out that we did provide a link called UPCYCLE in the upper right hand corner of the post to spiralisland.co.uk. That is where we ususally put the UPGRADE link (link to where you can buy), although I think we need to find a better, more prominent place for it. BTW, thanks for sharing your site, materialicio.us, we’re impressed!

  • roitsch

    this is incredible, he could give back the bottles to supermarkets in germany and would get 25 cent for each bottle = 62.500 euro (more than 96.000 dollar) for these 250.000 deposit bottles! CRAZY!

  • http://materialicio.us Justin

    I didn’t notice that link. You’re right, maybe a more prominent place would be better. But I like your site as well. Keep on truckin’! :)

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    Wow! I was so suprised to hear that news. I’d like to go there…^^

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