• Tim

    I just came across a table covering at a hotel in Colorado that used a weave of ties and draped the ends off the table. Very cute!

    • Becky Striepe

      Very cool!

  • http://www.quiltsbykate.com Kate

    Hey, thanks for featuring my necktie quilt! It was the first one I ever did and it now hangs on a wall at my parents house. So fun to see it out and about on the Internet! – Kate

  • http://SewKinonetsy Connie Classen

    I love using vintage ties for handles for tote bags and purses, I re-enforce with a strip of stronger fabric. Add a vintage hankie, use vintage suit or suit fabric and you have a one of a kind bag.


  • Jodie

    When I was young, I think I was 8 or 9, my Grama made me a skirt out of old neckties. I remember she took them apart and it was my job to press them open and to pick out the strings she may have missed. When my cousin married when I was 14 Grama made her a pillow and a quilt. Both were gorgeous. I would love to have a skirt like Grama made for me but I would like it to be a midi or a maxi nowadays.
    Flour used to come in cotton sacks. When I was little Grama used to make my dresses and jamas, from the flour sacks. We had to save a design for special dresses, some times it took awhile to get the one you wanted but it was always worth it. I really miss going to the store to pick out a new material from the flour sacks.