• Julie

    That little coffee monster is so cute it’s hard to be mad at him. If he had some downward pointing eyebrows I’d be less inclined to say “save the cute little disposable cup monster!”

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  • Tim

    Why are we trying to save trees? They are the best free source of carbon sequestration. Plant them, and then harvest them for whatever purposes, coffee cups, building lumber, phone books. As long as we replant (and we have been) this is a sustainable use of captured carbon. If you want to make an argument for landfill use or against bleaching the pulp, then go ahead but the time to protect this renewable resource is past. Once they’ve soaked up enough carbon, cut’em down and use ‘em.

  • http://fluther.com Sara

    Just think that you might also want to take a look at the cute ‘not a paper cup’ from thinkgeek: http://www.thinkgeek.com/caffeine/accessories/a3a4/

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  • wendy

    check out my little film about coffee cups


  • http://SustainabilityIsSexy.com Nicko

    Fantastic article – and thanks for the website plug.

    Sustainability Is Sexy reusable mugs are available! Check them out at:

    For more info or to get your SIS cup, email us at: support [at] sustainabilityissexy [dot] com

  • http://www.elephantjournal.com Waylon Lewis

    Question: aren’t most to go cups bleached, as well, and coated with some sort of awful plastic, so you can’t even recycle ‘em with cardboard or paper after using ‘em? Not to mention the lids, usually non-recyclable or hard to recycle, and not compostable as are some new to go cups as from ecoproducts.com.

    • http://greenupgrader.com Matt Embrey

      Way, are you saying the cups from eco products are compostable or aren’t?

      Most disposable cups are coated or treated. They can still be recycled but those chemicals are not intended for the recycling process and can create issues. I don’t know how they would fair in the composter, never tried. Good question though.

  • http://www.elephantjournal.com Waylon Lewis

    Eco Products compostable cups are great–if they’re put in compost bin, not trash. I just got lunch downtown Boulder a few days ago and they didn’t compost their Eco Products cups, just trashed ‘em…meaning the cups won’t compost properly, if at all.

    Also, may be made from GMO corn, so not sure if that’s great for gardening or supporting with dollars.

  • http://TrashyTheBag.com Trashy

    NOOOOO! You killed Oslo’s cousin coffee cup!


  • http://www.downloadost.com Felix Pazos

    Merci pour ce super blog. Je l’apprecie enormement. J’attend les nouveaux posts avec impatience

  • john Micheal

    I love coffee especially when Me and my wife goes on hill station and we drinking coffee and walking on cold and soft snow. During snow fall taste of Coffee is much more. At that place we use Disposable Cups for it.

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