• http://N/A K Ryan

    You can now get a metal roof with solar. It has a “peel and stick” solar technology. very cool. http://www.whirlwindsteel.com/pub/Solar

  • Alysha Martin

    We have a metal roof, it is a bit nosier than shingles but personally I LOVE the sound. The insulation cuts down on the noise a lot, before we had the insulation in you couldn’t hear yourself speak in a light shower! :) Now the only time we really notice the noise is during a REALLY heavy storm. Another thing to consider is the snow, when a big load of it slides off the roof it kinda shakes the house, scares people who don’t know about it. You can get the little stops to keep the snow on the roof. The roof will also make cracking and popping sounds as it heats up and cools down in the sun. Personally I would never go with another type of roof! (oh and you can install metal right over your existing roof!)