Eco-Friendly Baja BBQ Firepack

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This cool easy-start charcoal pack from Lazzari is an eco-friendly  and super easy alternative to traditional charcoal for those who simply can't give up their briquettes.  Lazzari packs 2lbs of natural lump coal into a package which is made from 100% recycled paper pulp.  Simply place the pack in the hibachi, light the packing and in 15-20 minutes you'll have a perfect pile of hot coals.  These packs eliminate the need for lighter fluid.  As the designers' site points out...

14,500 tons of VOCs are emitted from the 46,200 tons of lighter fluid used in the United States every year.  Lighter fluid can also leave a reside of toxic chemical on grilled food.

While it is cleaner and Greener to cook with natural gas or an electric grill, some BBQ aficianados will fight to the death for their charcoal so this is a great alternative for them. 


Contained in a clean little package that leaves no waste, these would also be particularly handy for tailgating (3 months and counting 'til Buffet comes back our way).  The Baja BBQ Firepacks will be available at local gourmet supermarkets. [via: Notcot]

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  • green thinking

    Thirty years ago, if you said the country was living beyond its means, people would have thought about economics. Now, if you talk about the country, or the planet living beyond its means, you think about the environment.

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  • Jeff Werner

    Or, start your charcoal BBQ the old, pro and decidedly most eco way by using a reusable starter chimney, aka a metal pipe you stuff with newspaper on the bottom and pile your coals on top, light (no other fuel needed) and let the coals get hot before putting in your hibachi.

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