Hi-Tec Eco-Friendly? Golf Shoes

5 by LiveOAK Staff


Go green on the green... we think.  Hi-Tec are being touted as the first "Green Golf Shoe" and they look great, however, the "we think" is because we are not sure what is exactly is eco-friendly about them other than Hhi-Tec say they are.  According to Hi-Tec's website here are their eco-accolades:

  • Organic Full Grain Leather Upper
  • Soft Eco-friendly lining
  • Recycled CMEVA sock lining (CMEVA stands for Compression Molded Ethylene Vinyl Acetate)
  • Recycled Strobel Board
  • Recycled CMEVA Overlasted Midsole
  • Eco Friendly Triple R Outsole

While I am relieved that the strobel board is recycled and the triple R outsole is eco-friendly I'm not sure what that means.  Unfortunately Hi-Tec doesn't go into much detail on their website.  Once we get more information on their eco-credentials I'll update you, in the meantime, I can say I love the idea.

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    I am a professional golfer and a nature lover. I always wear eco friendly golf shoes.

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  • Columbo

    How is leather not eco-friendly. It is all organic because it came from a cow.