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  • http://www.facebook.com/ellen.aranza Ellen Aranza

    …just loving everything on your site, Becky! Thanks so much for putting in the effort – keep it up!

  • Susan

    Can’t get the template – keep getting a message that there is a problem with the page…..

  • joy

    any time we can do something for a second time with any item – you have helped our earth, but had fun doing it, or at least felt better about your self for your effort. Years ago, before we became a “throw away society” people “recycled ” every thing they could! Not to save the earth, but because you had so little of any thing. Materials were so appreciated back then. So if Grandmother had a beautiful dress – the time would come when it would be cut down to fit a daughter or grand daughter. (My grandma worked for a well to do family as a house keeper, & this woman would give her clothes that she no longer used. Grandma would bring it home and cut it down to knock out beautiful out fits for my pretty mom to wear. She looked just as grand at school – as the richest kids in town.) Even something as tiny as your sewing needles were used for as long as could be done. It got dull ? Mama would bring it to Daddy who would use his file to hone it down until it would be sharp again. Small scraps of cloth that seem to be to small for any use? NOT ! You turn it into a pin cushion! You have enough of them your self? Well, back in the day – gifts were quite simple and useful. So such a gift would have been appreciated. If you got a hole in your shirt or pants or skirt, Mom would patch it with something cute or appropriate – such as a flower, or a star or what ever “would work”. It was a different time. People just did this automatically. Because it was the thing to do.