• http://www.greensahm.com/ Stephanie – Green Stay at Home Mom

    Sneaky! Wish I could say it surprised me but… no.

    • Becky Striepe

      I hear ya, Stephanie. Scott’s is not a brand to be trusted!

  • Katherine

    They got me before too. I use Dr. Earth products now. They are great, and they refuse to be sold in big box stores, which says a lot as well.

    • Bill

      And whats wrong with big box stores? You don’t think that a small time operation cant be just as deceptive as a larger retailer? Don’t fool yourself! In any business you’ll have people that have a passion for gardening and those that are just out to make a buck.

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  • http://marysgardeningendeavors.blogspot.com Mary C.

    I am sending an email to greenupgrader now about another Greenwash – Ortho Elementals.

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  • http://foreclosureshortsales.net/ robit

    its really informative blog and now i know in detail about this product nice work

  • saveourskills

    Two words “Compost Tea” that is all