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    Great idea. It’s look so beautiful

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    Superb idea. It’s beautiful in different style.

  • Johnny Cronin

    Hi Well done in bringing back hankerchiefs, im a fan of bhankerchiefs never every tissues, i think hankerchiefs looks ten times better.
    I carry mine up my sleeve always, & i would like to hear from others who dose same.

  • Penelope Crookshank

    I have always been taught to carry a hanky at all times and so everyday I have a cotton or silk hanky tucked up my left sleeve.

    I can’ t remember the last time I didn’t have one with me, unless I don’t have a sleeves, in which case I will put it somewhere else. But my daily routine is to take one from the drawer and tuck it into my sleeve.

    Anyone else keep their hanky in their sleeve, and if so why?

    • Puna Coldon

      Hi Penolope, I keep an a hanky up my sleeve too, do you prefer cotton or silk and if so why?

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    Thanks for posting. I will keep you listed in favorites.