Celebrate a Greener Memorial Day

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Here are a couple tips to help keep your memorial day a little Greener...

  1. Ride your bike or walk all day on Memorial Day.  Whether you are going to participate in your towns festivities or just going through town, leaving your car at home will make mother nature smile, make all the people stuck in parade traffic Green with envy.  
  2. Use gas or propane in your grill.  Propane burns much cleaner than charcoal, but if you hard core grillers can't resist using briquettes try using all natural charcoal, like the briquettes from Cowboy Charcoal Co, or charcoal that has been certified sustainable by the FSC
  3. Go Organic.  When you are picking out your Memorial Day vittles, choose organic.  Most grocery stores carry organic alternatives but better yet do your shopping at a local organic farm.  You can find the ones near you at LocalHarvest.org.  You can also go organic with your beverages.  Check out this article about great organic beers.
  4. Leave the paper plates and disposable utensils at the store.  If you don't want your fine china broken on the patio then you can try Preserve Dinnerware which is reusable plastic dinnerware made from recycled Stonyfield yogurt cups.
  5. Clean Green.  At the end of the day, after your grill has served you proudly, clean it down with some environmentally friendly cleaning products instead of toxic chemicals. 

Last but not least remember what Memorial Day is all about, honoring the men and women in Green (and blue).  Some people hang flags or plant red white and blue flowers or throw big parties but there is a way to honor these men and women that is easy and free... this is something you should do every day...

When you see one of the men or women that serves or served in the armed forces introduce yourself an say "Thank you!"

It will make their day and yours.  Happy Memorial Day!

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