• Kaem

    Thank you for this simple & brilliant suggestion!

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    Good tip and super calculations to save some water.

  • Zig

    We save the water from bathing and use it either to flush the toilet or to water our lawn. We also save the water from washing dishes to water our plants or water our lawn.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/ploefff Karen Herløv Horte

    I have one of those thermostats with a knob for turning on the water in one side and regulating the temperature on the other side. The water reaches my desired temperature with in 3 sec and if you don’t turn the heat regulator then the water will always have the same temperature which means you can turn off the water when you soap up and then you save even more water. I have one from a brand called Damixa and luckily their website also comes in English if you want to check it out:
    http://www.damixa.com/pl/2/Bath. Their are lots of other brands that make this type. They a awesome and I can really recommend one just be aware if you live in a place with hard water it’s important to turn the regulator back to zero after use otherwise it can get stuck and you have no choice but to change it or live one temperature setting until you do – and they are no that cheap. Money I could have saved had I known :(

  • Elsie

    I catch all the rinse water from my washing machine in 7 gal. buckets…the used water from my washing machine spills into my laundry tub, so it is easy…I stand there and fill each bucket. After the laundry is done, I take out the clothes, and pour the rinsed water back into the washing machine for the next wash. I’ve done this for years.
    I also catch all the ac water which also drips into my laundry tub…I wash my hair with it. I also pour this water into the washing machine. I keep a bucket of the saved water to wash my craft brushes, and wo wash floors, etc.