• http://www.cricketfundas.com BV Swagath

    In India we use vetiver grass to cool the houses. Even we drink vetiver drink to cool ourselves in the hot summers.

    • Becky Striepe

      Interesting! I did a little googling, and I’m seeing that it’s used to fight erosion. How do you use it to cool the house? Is it planted in a green roof or wall, or are you using it some other way?

  • http://www.cricketfundas.com BV Swagath

    We buy ready made vetiver root curtains and they will be inserted in the place of regular curtains in the summer. Then water is sprinkled on them every morning and as a result we get cool and aromatic air.

    I sometimes use table fan beside that curtain.

  • Kr suresh

    @BV Swagat:-What is vetiver grass?n where do i find it in natural state?what’s the hindi term for it?

  • http://www.telugucinemastills.com GVK

    in Hindi it is called as Khus Khus.

  • http://nanasgarden.weebly.com Tara Woodruff

    Green wall! Grow vine vegetables or flowers on a mesh trellis to block heat. Awesome way to grow food too! ( I have information on my website for it :)

    • Becky Striepe

      Ooh good one! I love the idea of growing food and beating cooling costs at the same time. Double win!

  • Vera Pa

    hang the wet sheets by the windows. spray air with the cold water . wear at home as less clothes as u can- being topless makes you feel comfortable with 5 degrees higher temperature. drink iced water, suck ice cubes.

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  • WiseGuy

    If you have a basement, cut a hole (that you can seal up for winter) in your cold air return for your furnace then use the blower to circulate the cool basement air thru the house. Save this for the afternoon or hottest parts of the day, with the other ways to save.

  • http://none marta


    I love the smell of vetiver and how wonderful a plant it is. Does anyone on here know where I can buy/order a vetiver curtain/sheet online or in the US? I live in virginia, it’s hot and humid and i have a little bit of vetiver from hawaii & brazil (my home) but I want a curtain like I hear and read about in India. Any help appreciated, I’ve been googling for a long time. (Also I am in NYC for a week if you know a place here that sells it!) Thank you!

  • Catherine

    Hi! I bought a round house a little less than a year ago. I live in Maryland and this past summer was brutal with heat days in excess of 100 degrees. We managed to turn on the a/c less than for 4 of those days doing most of what you suggested. It works!!
    Next spring I’ll be painting my roof (it’s a black tar domed roof, no attic space, the radiant heat in the house is phenomenal!!) Painting the roof white or silver reduces the radiant heat by 50 degrees on the surface which translates into a HUGE difference for the heat in the house. Plus for every roof that is painted white it reduces the impact on our earth the equivalent of taking one car off the road for 11 years!!

  • Dani

    We put a wet towel on the fan so that the air blows through the towel. We also put those mylar emergency blankets on the windows, I know it makes the house dark, but it is way cooler.  Give it a try and see for yourself.

  • Rakshi Thambaiah

    we keep a big pan full of cool water right under the ceiling fan. it helps to moist the air the fan blows.