• porfavor

    Using the oven is energy consuming, at least you can make a real pie!

    • David

      I do the cinnamon (and clove sprigs, too!) on the stove during the winter to help humidify and freshen the air. It would be more energy efficient on a wood stove like my mom used to do, but I just keep the gas flame on simmer, and it also helps to heat my small apartment. Just keep an eye on the water level, adding more as needed. Unless the air is really dry, you can also use a lid to adjust how much steam is released – the wonderful scent will still get out; just adjust the angle of the lid to your liking, letting the condensed steam fall back into the pot.

      You can also burn a little sage to freshen the air. A number of my friends leave a small pile of leaves and matches in the bathroom for guests to use; just be sure to leave something safe to put the burning leaves in, such as a seashell, decorative ashtray or small plate.

      • John

        For the bathroom, lighting a match and letting it burns almost all the way down is a very effective way of removing any smells. Sometimes, more than one match might be beneficial :0), but it works well.

  • http://envirocraftiness.blogspot.com Jill

    Baking soda is always great for removing smells – I’ll sometimes throw some in the bottom of my garbage cans between the bag and bin. Wiping things down with vinegar is pretty effective too!

  • http://www.telugucinemastills.com Cinema

    I liked the idea of apple, cinnamon and oven. I will try it this weekend.

  • Isabella8271

    I grow my own lavender and sage so I will have to try this. I’ve also studied essential oils and have learned a lot as a Certified Massage Therapist. I dab essential oils on my light bulbs, put a cotton ball dabbed with my favorite scent into my vacuum cleaner bag to disperse a pleasant, safe, aroma while vacuuming, I put a cotton ball in a tupperware container in my car/closets dabbed with EO’s and I always put a piece of newspaper on the bottom of my garbage bag – to help absorb watery garbage/oily food -while sprinkling a few drops of EO’s on the newspaper so every time you open the garbage it smells nice. If you have a hankerchef you can dab them with peppermint/eucalyptus oils and keep it handy in a ziplock bag if you suffer from allergies/stuffiness. Just inhale the scent. I keep a bottle of peppermint oil with me at all times. I REALLY love http://www.elizabethvanburen.com EO’s. Super healthy oils that are filtrated better than any other oils out there. I compared 18 different companies. I also LOVE Primavera skin care/essential oils. THey just started carrying them in the US. Have fun experimenting with oils.