Suzuki Crosscage Hydrogen Cell Clean Green Motorcycle

12 by LiveOAK Staff
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Here's another alternative energy motorcycle that looks like it is nearing completion.  It's calld the Crosscage, and it is Suzuki's concept zero emissions motorcycle that runs on a hydrogen fuel cell.  They unveiled the concept last year at the Tokyo Auto Show but there was little information about it.  We're still a little short on the info buy apparently they have a working prototype.  The bike looks awesome, but I wonder if it will match the utility of the Zero Bike.  We have more pictures after the jump, and you can see more pics of the bike in action at



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  • Debbie

    That bike looks sweet, and being green, its just a marvel.

  • Dr. Jones

    The motorbike is the most promising vehicle for fuel cell technology, because they don’t need larger more powerful *more dangerous hydrogen engines to run. Ever since high school I’ve dreamed of creating a fuel-cell powered motorbike…. Glad to see it perfected into such a sporty aesthetically pleasing design.

    Keep up the great posts!

  • pnoj

    As some motorbike riders will tell you, the loud sound of a motorbike’s engine is a safety feature – it allows drivers to hear you coming. I wonder what riders will think about an electric motorbike?

  • Gary

    As the owner of both a large single cyl motorbike and a larger v-twin – the latter sporting a sticker that says “Loud pipes save lives”, I am probably qualified to respond to PNOJ’s query. :)

    If it is a choice between losing my beloved beasts of boom and losing a large proportion of all the ecosystems in the world (with its accompanying humanitarian crises) I say bye bye boomers. It’s really not that important – tho I will always fondly remember punting up quiet backstreets thick with parked cars and setting off alarm after alarm.

  • WastedQueen

    This thing is awesome, too bad its only a concept.

  • sisir

    wonderful! definitely this is the future of motorcycle. keep it up and keep improving. all the very best to the team.

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  • zixxer

    It looks pretty damn flash, but I can’t see too many people riding them in the near future as I would hate to think what the price tag and parts will cost. I’d love to ride one though, can’t imagine riding a motorcycle without hearing a big roaring engine.

  • Raynard

    Awesome, Suzuki Really Innovative.

  • Mia

    I get a kick out of the spoiled child too loud bike riders saying loud pipes save lives but wearing a helmet will kill you. Kind of shows you their IQ

  • motorcycle Helmets

    When is it going to be in production. That is one awesome bike..

  • Uncle B

    Once we no longer are forced to subsidize corporatism’s strange factory locations with cars ‘burbs and Malls close to them, once all of us have the freedoms Cruise-Ship workers have, once we get at least half a year of our own time free from the factory floor, the office door. . . once we have it as good as the Chinese worker, dormed and cared for by employers right at work for our contracts with them, we will be free to buy the bikes, houses, toys we want, and not have to subsidize them with cars we pay for, but at their beck and call! on their weird schedules and in their wacko locations! I want my permanent home in the Wilds of Snowy Canada! Where will you locate when you are as free a a Chinese peasant, to do so, and as well paid?