Sustainably Freshen Your Air with Sheep Poo

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"These delightful eco-friendly air fresheners are made from the finest and freshest sheep poop from the rolling green mountains of Wales..."

"Wait a minute, wait a minute... Did I hear you right, did you say Wales?"

"I did indeed, you will find no finer sheep poop in all the land me lad"

Yes, that is right, these Poo-Pouri air fresheners are made from sheep poop yet they will delight your nose with the scent of daffodils and fresh cut grass.  No need to fret though, they thoroughly sterilize it by relentlessly washing and boiling it until on about 50% (the undigested cellulose) remains.  Then through a labor of love they beat it to a pulp, paper making pulp that is.  They then turn into paper using traditional paper making techniques which are then fragranced.  The process of turning the sheep waste into wonderful does create some waste of its own, which the poop upcycling earth loving geniuses use as nutrient rich fertilizer. 


When all is said and done you have air fresheners that are free from chemicals and free from fallen trees.  So check them out, they make many other paper products our of pretty much anything, but trees.  Also, next time you are arguing with a sheep, you might want to think twice before saying "it's not like your poo smells like flowers!"

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  • jitendra

    I think the ideas are very good and the pics are just superb.

  • Sioux

    I love the idea of being able to reuse such a thing, but I wonder how much energy does relentlessly washing and boiling this use?

    If I find them I’d probably buy them though. The concept cracks me up.

  • Lawrence Toms

    Hi Sioux,

    In answer to your question, the utility bills for the entire operation at the mill come in at under £1,500 for the entire year – and we use the boiling process as a means of heating the premises, so its very cost-efficient.

  • windyridge

    Being sheep farmers this is very appropriate for us!

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