• http://olivias@kc.rr.com Olivia’s LLc

    Are your custom printed fabric labels washable?

    • Becky Striepe

      That’s a good question! I haven’t tried washing them. I’d def. go for machine wash on cold and air dry.

  • http://108beautyshop.com ผิวขาว

    Thank you is Article.

  • soha el gemeay

    hi,i think i red in another website they do the same but they used freezer paper ,and ironed it to the fabric u want to print on,then u put it in the printer ,and after that u peel off the freezer printer and u found ur print in the fabric,i didnt tried it till now but i hope it works

  • Laurraine Yuyama

    I tried this with freezer paper method and used Epson printer ink and it was not washable. It ran all over when I sprayed it with water. Still have to use the transfer paper for quilt labels.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ladybughugs Cynthia Pulsifer

    muwahahaha! I was looking to make my own labels, I happen to have white pillowcases extra. I hope I’m still laughing tomorrow ROFL! :) Thanks so much! 

  • lmayer

    Same comment as below- YES it makes a nice label, but it runs when in contact with water. If you never want to wash your quilt, you can be eco-friendly. If you think laundering is in your future, DON’T use this method.