Spilled Into My Habitat

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Here's a great example of the cool things you can find while your eco-stumbling... 

I was stumbling across the world wide web when I happened upon this really cool picture... dig a little deeper and I find out it is part of an ecostore ad campaign  for a event they ran in New Zealand where they closed off the street in front of the flagship ecostore.  It was a gathering of people who work in the environmental field in one capacity or another.  Essentially a bunch of professors, engineers, entrepreneurs, bloggers, conservationists... spilled out in the street to party and network over a few drinks.  Awesome idea, we should do that here in the US!  I went to only to find out that we do, and no one invited me!  They are active in 361 cities across the world.  Locally organized and run, it is a bunch of green professionals letting loose and having a few drinks and greening it up on the third Thursday of the month.  I just missed my local meeting in Portsmouth, NH, but I'll be there June 19th!

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