• Becky Striepe

    Looks like we could save $850 per year…yikes! We’re planning to insulate our crawl space and attic better in the next few months, so that should help some. Our house has super high ceilings, which kind of sucks in the winter. I bet it’s nice and warm up there, but it’s freezing down here where the people are.

  • http://MJSchrader.com MJ Schrader

    Looks like I could save $1204. That would be nice.

  • Raman

    Most of us can save money/resources just by looking at our habits vs. our needs. Just like leaving the water running while we brush our teeth or other tasks (a habit from our chilhood years) is not good. Leaving lights on, or having the wrong bulbs for the application is also a bad/expensive habit. Same with speeding everywhere in our cars and idling cars for no reason. (women for some reason love to sit in cars and chat or do other stuff with the engine running). Habits can be good and help us in our daily fight vs. unhealthy consumerism. And these add up. This article is a good example of how much we can reduce our use of power. First step? Be aware. Check bills for usage of electricity/gas/oil for AC/heat and start looking into habits. Our masterbath has 8 high intensity bulbs @100 watts each. Could not find a decent and efficient fixture. So, I put an adjustable light switch since all those bright lights were not needed all the time. Now, they are “mood” lights. Soft for baths or showers and a bit bright for my wife’s makeup sessions. I did the same for the half-bath. CFLs are everywhere else or small fluorecent fixtures under the cabinet. Just being aware and looking for alternatives is good enought to get excellent results. Look and you shall find a solution. Good luck.

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