On the Green Airwaves with Green Air Radio

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I usually listen to NPR and our local morning show "Greg & the Morning Buzz" (not exactly Green but brilliant!), but I occasionally flip through the dial and when I do, I am surprised how little coverage is given to Green issues.  This is especially surprising in contrast to the amount of attention the environmental movement has gotten recently from TV, Print media and our beloved information super highway.  Fittingly, today I found Green Air Radio which is starting to fill that void.  In conjunction to CBS Radio News, Green Air Radio produces 1 minute long broadcast features on Green News & Issues called The Green Air Minute.  Richard Awn, the host and the brains behind Green Air Radio is a veteran of the broadcasting industry and a passionate environmentalist.  Awn along with his producers Scott Newman and Mandana Mofidi launched GreenAirRadio.com last month on earth day and now distributes the Green Air Minute to over 450 CBS affiliates across the country.  Keep spreading the good word Green A-Team!  Check them out at GreenAirRadio.com.

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    Surf the Green radio waves!!! Thanks for the post Green Upgraders!!!