From Green Air: Gas = $$$… So Save Gas

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Here's a post from Green Air about simple things you can do to save at the pump that we thought deserved a mention.  It's mostly common sense stuff, but doesn't it seem like common sense is becoming less common these days?  Plus I love the Clinton vs. Obama cartoon although I would have liked to see McCain in the ring, but I think he got confused and lost.


While Clinton and Obama are battling it out on the campaign trail, gas prices are continuing to rise. Both have focused on providing solutions to this growing problem, but nothing effective enough during these trying times.

Instead of waiting for the government to make up its mind, here are some no-brainers to help you save right now!

1. Keep your car tuned and oiled every 5,000 miles and add an air filter change once a year.
(My favorite) Don’t drive like a maniac...

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