• http://Www.ukseptictanks.co.uk septic tank man

    I have heard of this before it’s really interesting

  • http://www.youtube.com/artistamartin Martin

    Hey, nice post!
    I’m interested in dyeing sheep wool. I heard that it’s mandatory to “mordant” it before or the color will fade quickly…
    Do you know any “eco” or natural way to mordant wool?


    • http://glueandglitter.com Becky Striepe

      Thanks, Martin! I am not familiar with wool, but I’ll keep an eye out for eco tips on that. If you run across anything, I hope you’ll let us know, too!

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  • jessica

    Dyeing material you have to consider what material it is…. I am not familiar with dying plastc based materials like nylon or polyester…. butr other than that you have Protein based fibers like wool from an animal or milk protein fibers or soy based fibers. those you can dye with food colouring or koolaid that has no sugar added to the mix but you need to use vinegar to lock the colour so I am sure if you lock the colour. I am pretty sure using vinegar would work for spices or food based dye baths.

    As far as Cellulose based fibers like cotton, bamboo, pretty much plant based fibers it wouldnot work so well and you would need a mordant not vinegar.