Easy PB Jar Concept: Reduce Peanut Butter Waste

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Well this jar concept by itself is not Green.  I don't know how the designer, sherwood forlee, intends to manufacture it, or out of what, or if it will ever get made but the concept is creative and it's about reducing waste so we have to give him props.  Here is how it is explained on the designers site...


"Peanut Butter: it's the greatest invention ever. The only downside to it, though, is the jar that it comes in. How many times have you reached the bottom of the jar only to be frustrated at not being able to get those last few bits? Well, too often for me.

The Easy PB&J Jar is a jar with two lids that allows you to access all of your peanut butter easily without having to resort to breaking open the jar. As you near the end on one side, simply flip the jar over to get the rest. The straight and smooth internal walls also ensure that no peanut butter is ever left behind in a nook or cranny like existing jars."

Great idea to save the last little bits of PB that usually go down with the jar, better than my method, although my obese cat would probably file a grievance if she lost her jar cleaning job.

Since this isn't currently available, lets hear from the peanut gallery... How do you get the last little bit out of the jar?  Leave a comment...

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    It’s called a rubber scraper or whatever the hell you want to call that thing you use in the kitchen for baking,cooking,etc. No need to produce more useless products

  • ?

    so we can save our planet by eating all the peanut butter?!

  • tyler

    you put the peanut butter jar in a microwave and melt it. how much simpler could it get?

  • Jeff


    It would still take up the same amount of space in landfills.

    When did lazy and unresourceful become the whore-mothers of invention?

  • http://travelingmamas.com Jennifer

    This is a cool-looking jar, but it doesn’t belong on a “green” website.” Sorry. :) The energy it would use to produce these jars far outweighs the benefits of not leaving the scrapings at the bottom.

    This is a great looking website, though: If you’re really committed to a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle through reducing waste, I’d suggest buying a reusable glass jar and taking it with you to the local natural food store where you grind your own peanut butter. (Although that extra step might be incredibly annoying.)

  • Uncle B

    We get our peanut butter in plastic tubs that we reuse for everything from dry storage to plant pots.Please don’t take them from us, they are a very useful recyclable! As for getting the most out of them, they have flat sides and scrape out well with a rubber scraper.

  • SPenCE

    I don’t think the energy to create these would be any more than the energy to create the jars that peanut butter companies already use. I think the idea is companies would use these jars instead of regular ones. It’s still not that green and not as good as Jennifer and Uncle B’s methods, but the author said right of that its not a green product but likes the effort to reduce waste.

    Tyler, what does microwaving the jar do?

  • http://www.natural-green-guide.com Maggie – Natural Green Guide

    This should be the shape for jars. I would put more than peanut butter in there. Can’t wait till something like that hits the green market.

  • brecko

    i have a much netter idea for this dilema….but i cant disclose it..and it is a great idea…..no muss no fuss…ni peanut butter on your sleeves…..any takers??..


    • http://greenupgrader.com Matt Embrey

      Lets hear it…