• Mona Casselman

    There was a notice on FOX News today about lead-based paints used for the logos and words on single-use bags. I’d like to know how accurate this is and how the heck do we tell which!! This seriously impacts the safety of reuse and especially using heat for fusing.
    I love the fused fabric from plastic idea, though.

    • Becky Striepe

      I thought the lead paint was on certain reusable bags. From what I understand, you can ask the store where you got the bags, and they can tell you if they’ve been recalled.

  • Evvie

    A solution for avoiding pricking the fused plastic fabric use paper clips: it’s not as comfortable as using pins but it’s safer for the plastic. Tip is not mine, I took it from ThreadBangers!

    • Becky Striepe

      Great tip! Threadbanger is so awesome.

  • SilverChic

    Nice job! Showing creativity as you have here, and not just practicality with the fusing makes a huge difference in how happy one would be to make and use items made from fused bags. I’ve collected a lot of plastic food bags as well to add interesting art, color and textures as well (of course, well washed).