• http://www.prestigeconservatoryblinds.co.uk Andy Hughes

    Great idea, have you got any windows left in your house? Most of them look like they’re in your greenhouse! lol

  • http://www.prestigeconservatoryblinds.co.uk Andy Hughes

    Did you know, you can also re-use old window frames as an eclectic style picture frame. Fix the frame to a piece of board or backing fabric and often the shapes make great picture frames. Only really works on wooden frames though and ones with smaller squares. Still recycling though!

  • jackie Hampton

    Great idea. Wish I knew someone who was remodeling.

    • Becky Striepe

      Once I started being on the lookout, I began noticing old windows all over the place! You might also be able to find them on freecycle or Craigslist, if you want to try any of these projects.

  • http://www.growingherbsforbeginners.com Rhonda Daniels

    Wow, cool picture frame!
    The window cold frames are nice too- we love them for seed starting and hardening off seedlings in Spring!

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  • http://www.18upclub.com คลิปหลุดทางบ้าน

    Thank you very much! This works perfectly for my site, and I’ve made a few small changes that reflect it well.

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  • http://www.telugucinemastills.com/s/oosaravelli.html oosaravelli

    now it’s the time for me to take out the old ones and remake them as photo frames. Thanks for the tip.

  • http://rockitcreations.com Sherry

    I want to make a head board out of old windows. I have four small ones and am trying to think of a way to make it look good!

    • Becky Striepe

      What a cool idea, Sherry! My only concern with old windows is that thin glass so close to your head. I wonder if it would be safer to remove the glass? Once that’s done, you could paint them or decoupage them and mount them on the wall behind the bed, maybe? I bet that would be super lovely! If you had enough to extend beyond the ends of your bed, you could even maybe mount little shelves on them to use as bedside tables! Don’t you just love old windows?