• http://arcticcirclecartoons.com Alex Hallatt

    I buy flatbread wraps that come in a ziplock plastic bag. This is washed and reused many times. I always keep one folded in my handbag so that if I’m out and need to doggy bag my food, I can use my own bag (good in Melbourne as some restaurants do not give patrons doggy bags for fear of food poisoning lawsuits!).

    I don’t use clingfilm to wrap food, only reused bags, or bowls – most things keep really well in the fridge if you put a plate on top of the bowl they are in.

    • Becky Striepe

      Great ideas! It’s interesting that some places near you don’t offer doggie bags. Have you found that it encourages folks to bring their own containers?

      • http://arcticcirclecartoons.com Alex Hallatt

        I wish! Nope – it just encourages them to feel bad and walk away, knowing more food will be wasted….

        • Becky Striepe

          That’s a bummer! I was just reading about how wasted food equates to wasted energy. The leftovers problem is tricky, since disposable doggie bags waste energy, too.

    • http://www.jjg-paperbag.com Paul

      We are creating a dirty world for our children. People enjoy the convenience brought by the technology but forgot the basic of life is clean air, clean water, and clean soil. Goblal warming has already been a massive killers to thousands of global citizen. While those who lost their lives are usually the ones innocent.
      Less Pollution, Less Plastic more paper bag.

      One more thing, do you think that the plastic containers are really healthy for you?
      Study shows that when placed under direct sunshine or within the high temperature(like car in the summer). The plastic packaging will release toxic factors that are not healthy at all to our body.

      Think about our children.

  • http://www.puremothers.com Pure Mothers

    We do all of those things, except thrift store toys. I have done a few, but there are not many good wooden toys NOT made in China with potential lead paint available at thrift stores. And I don’t want plastic toys – even reused. Wood, metal and cloth are better for the senses, in my opinion. I want to know my toys are safe, so I buy from companies that won’t pack with plastic. Nova Naturals in the US and MyriadOnline in the UK are great for that.

    Here’s an additional one that we do: Going vegetarian or vegan cuts down on a lot of plastic. Eating mostly fruits, vegetables and seeds, nuts and beans that can be purchased in bulk – all of these can go into reusable cloth shopping bags, cuts down on plastic wrap and foam trays.

    • Becky Striepe

      Great point about safety! I’ll have to look into those companies.

  • http://www.hackublog.com/ Facebook

    Great ideas! It’s interesting.

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