• http://www.greenupgrade.com/307/the-uno-electric-motorcycle-or-motorunicycle/ devin

    i think your invention is cool and hopefully you get it running and pass the safety test by the year 2011 i would like to buy one when you start selling it.


    anyone who thinks that is a dumb idea is a idiot. This kid is only 19 and has already become a multi millionaire.. can any of you people who think this is a dumb idea say that you are a multi millionare? well when some of you come up with an idea that will make u a millioanire.. be sure to go on dragons den

  • Regular Rider

    Well, I ride a large, 1800CC cruiser, and am not what one would call a tree hugging greenie at all (most tree-huggers are clueless about what real enviromentalism is all about), but find this to be an awesome device on many levels. While most electric vehicles will only reduce pollution when there is more nuclear energy being used for electrical generation, this vehicle, because of it’s efficient use of battery power, reduces the pollution of electrical generation because of that efficiency. Now if only that kind of battery technology could be used to power the brains of the doltish naysayers who are trashing the kid who came up with this…

  • http://greenupgrader.com kelsey69

    that bike is so ugly and can you even sit two ppl on that ?! love yall peeps!

  • http://synapticlight.com/ Phillip Gibb

    wha, what?
    won’t it over balance?
    can you park it next to your desk?

  • Steve

    Excellent idea — and start of a great product. We all need more ideas and working models on thinking far out of the box.

  • soosas

    just for fakes benifit its not photoshoped unless this kid fooled daily planet. it was on a science tv show for god sake

  • Horacio H. Martins

    This is a great idea, my congratulations to the creator, and there’s only one thing left to say to you. Keep going, you’re gonna be great someday!

    For the idiots that leave tohse stupid comments, just remember the history, with carriages with no horses, cars only with two whells, and from the fall of an apple they discover gravity.
    So…. for those without the vision and even worse with stupid and destructive comments I say F..%#!?$.. you all, you don’t deserve to live on this planet!!!

    • Dan

      No way is this gonna go anywhere! Do you really wanna go 25 or 30 mph on a one wheeled gyroscope? Motorcycles aren`t dangerous enough? I`ll bet a strong wind will come by and change it`s direction, but it will only point a different way, while inertia causes it to continue head over wheel on it`s original tragectory. Sorry, I work in orthopedic clinics, while this is highly creative, its a death sentence.

  • Charles

    Fuck I want one!! I don’t even know if it’s safe or if it goes fast enough, but fuck do I want one.

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  • J.J.

    first off for all of you that talk trash about this product are very ignorant. If you study up and do your home work on this you will see that it is not photo shopped and you will not face plant or any of that. it is not meant for racing so no emergency stop required, the top speed is 15 mph. its actually a very brilliant idea and plus why would investors give him 1 and a 1/4 million dollars for 20% of the company if it was fake. it amazes me so many of you have no faith that a 19 year old kid is smarter than you i mean look at dell he was young when starting the dell computers and now he is one of the richest men in the US. open your minds its the times of technology. a lot of these comments show the simplicity of your mind when you have to curse while typing is there no intelligence her

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  • T.D.F

    I think that the overall concept is very intelligent. I am curious to see it in a video or full understand the mechanics if you had ended up in an emergency situation and needed to manuver in a split second. I think those who leave a negative comment are just un willing to break from the norm. Dont dis the battery technology this is the first of its kind and with proper finances and research this “municycle” could be incredibly benificial to the world

  • TDF

    A battery that could power this bike for 100 at 80mph does exist but it is ruled by the oil companies who bought the patents so that they would not lose any profit in the oil indestry

    • SB

      Ah come on, this is to be put in the urban legends folder.
      What kind of battery are you talking about? How do you know about it and who owns the patent? Don’t just repeat things, educate yourself.

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  • Cheryl

    I think it’s pretty cool. Just have one question. How come only pics and no video? I’d like to see how it runs. That would be cool to see.

  • Hans Vonthronsohnhaus

    I would love to have one, but there have been some good points made. Like; How fast does it charge? Why not make it last longer than 2.5 hrs.? How fast does it really max out at, and would it really be worthy to drive to work, town, and back? Plus, I have an idea, why not use the same tech. that they are using in a new prototype electric car. This car has built in generators within the wheel hubs to generate electric power to the storage batteries so that it is self charging as the wheels spin. Why not use this theory in the UNO? It would change the weight a bit, but the end result would be worth it. I would be happy to buy myself an UNO, if it was made more road worthy. But as it stands now, Nice Toy.

    • Tommy

      Dude. I have no idea if you passed 8th grade physics, but if you were paying attention, you would realize that motors and generators are the same thing, just for a motor you put in energy via electricity, and get rotation, whereas a generator you put in rotational energy and get electric energy. But it is the same mechanism, using it to generate electricity is just running it in reverse, kind of like, you know, how regenerative braking, which is what you refer to, has been used for the past thirty or forty years.

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  • Nick

    Can I put someone on the back? or would that throw off the accelerometer

    • http://technoscrap.com technology news

      this is only a single wheel motorcycle…how do you carry luggage with that funny :P

      • http://www.telugucinemastills.com telugu cinema stills

        no question of carrying the language. I wonder how he balances :P

  • http://scrnch.me/wtg4d Florene Lacassagne

    Significant post. Were did you discovered all the info from

  • http://msn montgomery

    so, yes it has its weird looks, yes its electric, yes it only last 2.5 hours on a charge and theres alot we dont know about it, can it do this, or do that, well, as far as i READ on it and some people need to learn to read, its A PROTOTYPE, and it takes time to learn the concept, and work the bugs out, I ride a real motorcycle, HARLEY, but i also have taken out the odd rice burner for a rip to have some fun with it, I’m not out first in line to get something like this for my kids, but my hats off to the young man who’s got the balls to put it together, so for the rest of you babys, GROW UP, let the future be whatever its going to be
    Good Luck Son on your project

  • anon

    He got paid 1.25 million dollars for partial ownership in his idea to start production and manufacturing by the dragons den look it up. I doubt anyone can argue that it is not a good idea if people were willing to put millions of dollars investing in his prototype. In highly congested areas this would be great and I believe he has been contracted by honda, so I would say if you have not been given a million dollars for a prototype you made hes doing much better than you and hes still a teenager.

  • http://www.southwestlondonelectrics.co.uk Pat Electric

    My husband would love this and he would be able to park it in his office which he will love. How easy is it to balance on?

  • http://yedxxx.com หี

    how is price ?

  • jimmy iveson

    im looking at your invention and some others and then looking at the a magnet run wind turbine and asking my self wy cant you get more power ; self generating and longer distances at highway speeds say 65 75 mph all in a moatercycle so thears no 110 outlet needed

  • Malongski


  • Malongski

    safety first..i know all the gyroscope working in a segway machine but we have accidents with 2 wheeled motorcycles..what about this one? its sure 2 wheeler but the accelareation and road condition its just questionable..not to mention drunk drivers..