• http://mollyonmoney.wordpress.com Molly On Money

    What I’ve read about is similar to your example of ‘poo-power’ (wow, I love saying that).
    Dairy cow farmers are trapping the methane from the cow poop and converting it to energy.
    Here’s a link to one article that describes it:

    • Becky Striepe

      Ooh good one! Poo power is definitely fun to say.

  • http://parksparkproject.com/home.html Helen Fairman

    The Park Spark project in Cambridge, MA is using the methane produced from dog waste at a local dog park to light an onsite lamp. The waste water produced by the digester is a rich, nutrient-available fertilizer that could be used to green the adjoining soccer field. More info at http://parksparkproject.com/home.html

    • Becky Striepe

      Oh, funny! I have a post about that coming up later this week. :) It’s such a smart project.

  • http://www.gouri.info/ Gouri

    Pee, poo, bleed, sweat.. everything into the battery… Quite interesting :)