• http://inspectionman.com Chris Nielsen

    In the Phillipines they build multi story apt. bldgs. with shipping containers. They are pretty helter skelter looking with the stairways running around the outsides.

    • http://glueandglitter.com Becky Striepe

      Oooh I’d love to see a picture!

  • http://www.lowpricetoday.com apple

    i can’t imagine how to build this house by shipping containers. It’s look better normal house and It’s modern.

  • Mike Appleby

    These are fantastic, the 12 container house has got me thinking…. In NZ we have had some experience ( as a nation) with the concept of re-using old shipping containers…. we have begun accomodating prisoners ( from jail ) in 2 man units constructed from shipping containers. As in the article, the beauty is the modular design and the portability which allows them to be created off-site and stacked in -situ on delivery. The units themselves offer a high standard of living… fully lined, insulated, heated floors and heat pumps to maintain temperatures, double glazed safety windows ( no bars ), a small sink/kitchen and a semi-private toilet area. They cost around $40,000 NZD all up and, personally, I think the idea is a good one…. it means we no longer have to build great concrete structures that blight our landscape… these units can be moved and re-connecetd nearly anywhere, all that is required is a power supply and water in/out…. perhaps the government should look at this idea as a form of low cost, subsidisable housing for low income families? I also think that a stock of these units on hand would be invaluable in the event of a natural disaster… particularly as the units are mobile and could be moved quickly and easily to where they are needed..

    • Becky Striepe

      I love the idea of low-income housing built from shipping containers!

  • http://www.fanpanx.com/ ดูหนังโป๊ออนไลน์

    I love the idea of low-income housing built from shipping containers!

  • Stephen Odom

    I have not stopped mavelling at the magnificence of container buildings and i want to do this for the rest of my life in places like Africa where resources are inadequate for d building of descent homes. I am an environmental scientist with a far reaching desire to pursue green architecture as a primary career. I will be glad to hear from you or anyone on opportunities and institutions (especially in the United States) that can help me achieve my aspirations