• http://mmmarilyn.net marilyn

    Totally agree on all counts! I love my diva cup, but I just got a couple reusable pads/pantyliners, trying to be all grown up and keep my underwear unblemished. This etsy shop I bought from is on vacay right now, but is awesome also.

    Here’s a great personal review from a blogger I like, which convinced me to get one, and then I won a contest on her blog and she sent me some more!

    • Paula

      I love my Diva cup! I have to admit when I received it I wondered how the heck THAT was going to fit! It folds very well and it’s so nice not having to run to the restroom every couple of hours to change out tampons.

      One thing that I was very surprised about after I started using the cup…I didn’t have that terrible odor like something had died up there! I never realized that your menstrual flow doesn’t really smell bad, it was the tampons that “fermented” that smelled so bad.

      Yay Diva Cup!

      I may try the Glad Rags as I use a pantyliner when I’m finished up. Don’t they get all stained after use?

  • Kuri

    I switched over to GladRags several years ago and find them super-easy to deal with. I just add them to the wash with my other clothes and line dry them with the rest of my undies. I still keep a few disposable products for when I’m travelling and won’t have access to my washing machine, but the pads are really not the hassle that many people think they are.

    • http://glueandglitter.com Becky Striepe

      That’s great to hear! I keep a couple of cloth pads around to use from time to time and totally agree – they don’t have to be a big deal at all.

  • http://arcticcirclecartoons.com/blog Alex Hallatt

    After a slightly less green friend of mine chided me for not doing this, I got a mooncup. The name is more icky than the use of it, though you HAVE to read all the instructions so you don’t end up frustrated with its removal!

    • http://glueandglitter.com Becky Striepe

      Totally. The directions that came with the cup help so much with insertion and removal!

  • amber bowman

    I have been using a keeper cup for many years. They last for about ten years and you can choose rubber or silicone. I prefer the rubber but the dogs made a chew toy out of that one a while back (yuck!) and I replaced it with silicone to try something new. The cup is far superior to tampons in my opinion. As for the pads, at my house we upcycle old socks that have gotten holes into reuseable pads. Not so pretty as the ones pictured here but they get the job done! Thanks for the tutorial!

  • Alexis Jaeger

    Reusable is THE way to go. I had forgotten to pack them on my last trip and found using regular pads so uncomfortable now that I’m used to the others. I tell people that the difference is like using plastic underwear or flannel underwear. The reduced waste was my initial drive to switch but now it’s so much more.

  • http://marysgardeningendeavors.blogspot.com Mary C.

    I have been wondering if such items existed for weeks! THANK you for the info!

    • Becky Striepe

      Awesome! Glad we could help you make the leap!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=546908598 Kayleigh Garner

    I can’t stand the feeling of disposable pads, so before the birth of my child, I researched cloth pads, spent an evening sewing 20 of them and used those when my waters broke and after the birth for the lochia.
    I have since used them twice for my menstruation and found them to work just fine. I wash them and then lay them out in the sun to dry and find that there are no stains once they’re dried.
    I love the idea that I’m saving money each month!

  • Sharmiesha Timlin

    I just recently started using cloth pads that I purchased on Etsy and am in love. trying to learn how to make my own with no sewing experience at all lol