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I don't use Yahoo.com as my homepage, but when I find myself there, something usually catches my eye -- they're good like that. Today there was an image of a tiny wooden house accompanied by a headline reading, "Tiny house transforms mans life." Since I'm a bit of a tiny house/prefab fanboy I clicked on the link and watched a good short video about tiny house enthusiast, designer and resident, Jay Shafer.

It's good to see the relatively obscure world of tiny house living being given a chance to creep into the American public consciousness via a mainstream site like Yahoo. And knowing the kind of server-crashing traffic that being on Yahoo's front page can bring, there are a lot more people that know about tiny house living in the U.S. than there was yesterday. And that's a good thing.

Read more about living simply in micro-architecture at the Tiny House Blog.

Tiny House Living Gets Mainstream Exposure [Video]