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    I appreciate your suggestions for reducing energy and “greening” pool operation, but let’s not dispense with the chlorine disinfectant! Unlike other disinfectants, such as ozone and ultraviolet light, chlorine provides a residual level in pool water that continues to disinfect long after it’s applied. CDC calls chlorine and pH the first line of defense against waterborne germs that cause everything from diarrhea to swimmers’ ear to athlete’s foot. Recreational water illnesses are on the rise, which is why the CDC is working with partners, including the Water Quality & Health Council, to encourage consumers to be “activist swimmers” and check pH and the chlorine level of pool water before diving in. The Water Quality & Health Council is offering free pool test kits at http://www.healthypools.org/freeteststrips.


    Mary Ostrowski
    American Chemistry Council

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    13. Grow your family’s food.
    See GardenPool.org

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    I agree with you Mary Ostrowski, but it should also be notified to the user not to use it in excess. The dose should be given a balanced package in accordance with the usage volume of water in the pool.

  • Bob Mitchell

    Hi Tim:  Excellent post!  I stumbled across it while looking for a photo of a solar thermal pool heating system for my web site http://www.cleanenergyguy.com .

    If you don’t mind, I’m going to use the photo from above in the solar thermal education part of the site.  So, it’s on a commercial site, but not used in a commercial section of it.  If you get a chance, please review my use of it and let me know if you’re okay with my having used it in this manner.


    Bob “The Clean Energy Guy” Mitchell